Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, How I've Missed You!

I have to confess that I was somewhat burned out of posting and blogging and all that jazz.  It's been great to take a little break for the summer and I know by the end of it, I'll feel recharged!  Before I go on vacation with my family, I wanted to leave you with some of my summer loves.  Enjoy!

Swimsuit Cover Up
 Isn't this the cutest?  I'm in my swim suit most days, so a good cover up is a must!

Gray Bathrooms
 I really wanted to lighten up my bathroom with a cool tone and this is the color I used!  I love how much brighter it seems!

Crystal Light
 I'm sure you're thinking, "Why is she loving this so much?"  Well, on days when I can't eat before the gym, I put it in my water bottle and it gives me that extra boost.  Or if we're going to a BBQ and I don't want to eat before, I just sip on this! It's the best!

 This looks almost identical to the hat that I have.  I have so many hats that I could probably cover my entire bed with them.  In the summer I just go to the gym, shower, put my hair in a low pony, and on with the hat! So easy!

Guest Rooms
 I've been finishing decorating our guest room since we're having so many people stay with us this summer.  I love the look of this room!

Monterey Bag
 I'm known for constantly changing my diaper and swim bags.  This one is just so cute!

Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss
 Nothing stops me from getting chapped lips better than this stuff.  It makes my lips so silky...and my hubs doesn't hate it either:)

White Sofas
 Who doesn't love Sarah Richardson?  I love the white sofas with the black piping.

A Quiet Place
 I've been enjoying some quiet time when my son takes a nap at the pool and my daughter is swimming.  Nothing is better than having that space and time to yourself.

Pendant Necklace
 I love jewelry and I'm totally Jonesing for this piece!

Shabby Apple Suit
Such a cute, unique suit!  I love the throw-back style!

I'll miss you while I'm away!
  Keep enjoying your summer!

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