Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

To all those who have passed on before us.  You are our angels and we will not forget you.  To my grandpa, father-in-law, two cousins, and three uncles, I miss you greatly.  With much love on this Memorial Day, we're all remembering you.....

Image via Tips n Trends

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Red and Blue, Is it just me or is that the perfect color combo ever!?

These are only a few of my slight obsessions....for this week that is.  Do you have any?


Ralph Lauren Nautical Scarf

Mission Slingback - Blue

Valetta - Red Patent

Valetta - Red Patent

Isabella's and Max's Room via Houzz
La Provence Rugs

Ralph Lauren Golf Polo

Pottery Barn Catalog via Material Girls Blog

Red and Blue Doors in the UK via travel.webshots

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you Italian?

I get that question alot because I have really dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes.  No, people I'm scandinavian/welsh.  But, usually my answer is, "I wish!"  You know why?....I'll tell you. Because Italians do it right.  Whether its food, style, furniture, architecture, you name it, it's just right!  I think because I'm so often asked if I'm Italian, I have a small obsession with them (Along with France, chocolate, exercising, clothes, and interior design, to name a few).  Savio Firmino is an Italian designer that uses  ornate pieces and glorious mirrors! 

Did I not say glorious mirrors!  I'm telling you, I CANNOT get enough of these.  Oh and the chandeliers are striking. 

I definitely respect his ability to balance the feminine and the masculine parts of his design.  It's all so elegant but, functional as well.

A few more Italian delights other than Firmino:

Ultra Luxury Kitchens by Neff Kitchens

Images via Cattelan Italia

Image via All Doing

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chicken Philly Deliciousness!

Have you ever had an excess of a couple particular foods  and you're thinking, "What the heck am I going to do with all of this?!"  Well, I had a couple bags of frozen chicken breasts and a huge bag of green bell peppers, which I rarely even eat!  So, when life hands you chicken and green peppers, you make Chicken Philly Sandwiches!
Can I tell you?  These are freak'n awesome!  My husbands siblings came over for our monthly get-together and I made these. 
I made the topping and had everyone put their amount on their choice of hoagie or roll.  I then put on their choice of cheese and put it under the broiler. 

When it came out toastie and ready to eat, everyone put on more toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc.).  Maybe it's not traditional, but it used up my extras!  I paired it with a salad and fruit.  MAKE THIS!  Recipe and image taken from hardware forums.
  • 1Tbsp butter (real butter, not margarine)
  • 2Tbsp olive oil (preferably extra virgin)
  • 1 white onion, 1/2 diced, 1/2 sliced
  • 2 bell peppers (preferably green), sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely minced
  • Dash of salt
  • Generous dash of ground black pepper (fresh ground for best results)
  • Liberal dash of crushed red pepper (to taste)
  • 2tsp cayenne pepper, fine ground
  • 12Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (or to taste, but don't leave it out)
  • 20oz chicken breast, chopped
  • 16oz portobello mushrooms, chopped
  • 8 slices cheese (preferably Swiss, Muenster or similar)
  • 4 French sandwich rolls (wheat or other hearty bread recommended)

In a large skillet or griddle, melt butter in olive oil, topping with black pepper. Once melted add chicken, bell pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Let simmer, stirring occasionally until bellpepper is slightly pliable.

Add the mushrooms and onions. Top with the garlic, crushed & ground red pepper, and salt. Continue to simmer until all the liquid has evaporated from the pan, stirring sparingly. We want caramelization here, so slow & heavy browning should be encouraged. Be sure to scrape the caramelized goodness off the bottom of the skillet occasionally, mixing with the rest of the ingredients; this is a source of much of the Philly's savory flavor.

When the mushrooms and onions begin to caramelize, make sure that the chicken's juices are running clear (no blood; raw chicken is no good). Turn down (or off) the heat to the skillet, then lightly toast the bread either on the skillet or in a toaster oven. If you choose to toast the bread on the skillet, you may want to add a small amount of extra butter to the skillet first. Add 1 slice of cheese per half to each hot bread roll.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay, has anyone else felt like this was THE longest week in history.  I've been super stressed lately and my little family has been going through a lot of changes that need decisions.  I suppose my stress and lack of sleep over it has made my days seem so long.

So, without further ado and for a celebration over it being the weekend, I found the most white, serene looking images to share with you.  I stumbled on this beautiful 1940's home shown in Country Living.  Designer, Nancy Fishelson, literally had to rebuild the home to make it livable and kept most of its' vintage style.  I love it.  If I had to pick a place to gather my thoughts at this time in my life, I'd pick this soother of place!

Images via Country Living

I hope you all have a stress-free, enjoyable weekend.  I'm definitely in need for some R and R! 



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