Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Triple W's!

Wedding Weather Wear!  Of course, right?!  There are so many options for wedding apparel that I think I may do a few posts on some of my faves since I have so many weddings to attend!  This post is my neutral dress picks from Anthropologie.  What could go better with beautiful dresses than Badgley Mischka shoes!
Images via Anthropologie and

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Before and Afters....

Ah, the Spring redooz.... I finally took some time to go shopping for my spring attire. There are so many things that I have ideas for, and can never find exactly what I'm looking for. Lamps for example. I decided to forgo spending lots of moolah on new lamps and decided to change the shades and paint the stands. I used a plastic friendly spray paint used for outdoor furniture. I didn't have to prime or sand the lamps for this reason. I sprayed the first coat on and waited only ten minutes to do the second coat. I found the shades at a bargain and changed the pillows. Before


No biggie. But, can I find a throw?! Please I'm sick of searching! Oh well, have faith is what I hear. The family room was easier to spring-a-fie. I changed the curtains, some pillows, and accessories. Before


Sorry about the lighting. I really need a new camera...hint, hint. Onward to more throw searching!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bjork from the Netherlands

Whenever I see a beautiful architectural church renovated into a home, I'm immediately taken back to my art history classes in high school and college.  It amazes me that such awesome structures can be made into something home-friendly and livable!  How cool is this Church of Living by Netherland's designer, Zecc Architectin?!
He does some some awesome renovations on historic and cultural buildings.  Here is another church redone in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Nave/Living Room
 Dining Room/Nave

Zecc has had projects not only revamping churches but, factories, school lofts, and garages to name a few!  This factory building was renovated into a residential loft and office space. 
Factory Bones
Family Room
Curb Appeal

This school loft was transformed into an apartment right under the roof beams.
Stairway View
Living Roof/Loft
This "Laboratory of Living," so named by Zecc, was a garage and storage place restored into a residential palace!
 Family Room

Dining Room
Garage Front
Seriously, do you love it or do you love it?!!! It might not be my style, but daing is it cool!

Photos from Bjork and Zecc Architectren

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chairs, chairs and chairs!

I'm sure all of you look at your house and each room has a massive list of design to-dos and so on.  My list happens to be huge.  I'm constantly looking for new furniture, a different paint color, inspiring accessories, and labor intensive projects all for a reasonable price. I decided that I wanted to replace our love sofa with two chairs, mismatched but somewhat of the same design would be preferable.  Would you love to know that I found some fabulous chairs on all under $300!  Yes, that's right!  Take a gander at these price steals!
Would it be so awful to admit that none of these chairs are exactly what I'm looking for?!  Who the heck cares, they're under 300 and lovely!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love New Sites!!!!

As I was visiting a fave blog of mine, you know it all too well as Decor8, there was an intriguing post about a South African editorial company.  Back in the day, my boyfriend was South African and talked non-stop about his homeland.  Even after that relationship ended, I'm always curious about this country.  So, I went to visit this South African site and was pleased to see these fantastically designed homes.  The site is Frank Features and in the words of Holly from Decor8, you could spend hours there looking at the fab portfolio. Here's a peek!

Boyd Ferguson is an interior designer and wanted his home to have a mix of contrasts.  Rustic would yet sleek, modern touches.

Home stylist, Julia Stadler, has a beautiful home focused on a laid-back, island style.

Joy Brasler, an architect, has a home mixed with down-to-earth, family style and luxurious architectural lines.

Kerryn Fischer, one of the sites contributors, has a gorgeous home styled for family but looks for luxury.

 All photos are from Frank Features.


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