Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Contemplating Christmas Trees

I always love a good montage of a subject where I can see all the different possibilities that entail.  I think I'm finally getting in the mood for Christmas.  Usually, I'm so stressed over the holidays trying not to gain weight, get everyone's gifts while avoiding massive check-out lines, making sure those gifts will be loved, having a clean home, get to the gym, bake cookies, aaaah!!!!  you can see where I lose my priorities.  So this year, I made myself a goal to only think positive thoughts consisting of, "It's okay that you had that brownie, it's Christmas." or "That person must be in a bigger hurry than I am to cut me off like that; it IS Christmas."  and "If they don't like it, I'll take for myself! It's MY CHRISTMAS!"  In all seriousness I do love Christmas trees.  They make me feel happy, they're all unique, and they absolutely exude Christmas spirit!

I have to admit...I threw away a lot of my Christmas decorations and I'm feeling pressed to find more.  Here's my tree:
 Missing ornaments...Check

 Bare lower half of the tree due to toddler sabotage....Check.
 Dingy, old tree skirt....Check
 I have been able to put up my manger scene without any destruction from the "Little Man"
 But, no greenery in the manger scene because he would tear it out.
 Here I'm wishing I hadn't thrown out that garland I was so sick of.

24 days until Christmas?  That can't be right....Oh, well.  I guess with all my efforts to remain positive, I'm still going to have loads of stress slapped in my face!  C'est la vie!


elsie said...

your blog made me smile!! those photos are just LOVELY! I love Christmastime! And I can hardly believe it will be here so soon!


annechovie said...

Love the "toddler sabotage" phrase - too funny! Hope your stress is minimal and your peace great. xo

Kimberly Merritt said...

Give yourself a break Lila. Enjoy the tree and your little ones regardless of how it looks. Someday (trust me) you'll look back on it all and wonder where the time went. Enjoy the baking (the eating) and sharing with your children. The rest is just gravy. :o)

Julie said...

Isn't that bookcase unique and creative? You're tree looks great.


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