Wednesday, March 30, 2011

German Bathroom Design

My mother-in-law lives in England.  Thus her weekend getaways are to France and Germany.  I tend to look up the interiors of whatever country she's visiting just out of pure curiosity.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a German manufacturer that actually customizes bathroom furniture to a designer's wants.  The company is called Hansgrohe and their bathroom line is "Axor." Look at the differences in these bathtubs!

Images via
I think what was most fascinating is that the first three images are very modern and sleek.  Yet, the last one is very french and ornate!  I love the last one the best! But, talk about versatility!


annechovie said...

Great tubs, Lila. I like them all for different reasons. Thanks for your very sweet comment! xx

German Furniture said...

Great design. German furniture is the best choice for luxury and modern home trend. I also have a simple collection of Germany's bathroom.


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