Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely Ruffles

My little girl got this fabulous tutu/ruffle skirt almost identical to this one:
Since then, my mother made her a three paneled ruffle skirt and shirt to match!  Now all I see is ruffles!
Like I've said before, I'm all girl.  Unfortunately, I may or may not have passed the obsessive feminine desire to look absolutely girly to my child.  She too is now focused on ruffles and tutus and prefers only to wear her "ballet dress."  So today as I contemplate how many things I love about this feminine feature and its effect to any simple object, I realize that it is now becoming a necessity in our home instead of an infatuation.  I'm going to try and tolerate this obsession and share a little love for ruffled things. (As I'm singing in my head, "..I love being a girl!...")


Hope Chella said...

That ruffle skirt is so darling! I hope I have daughters someday :)

Have a great week! xx

Haven and Home said...

I can never get enough ruffles!


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