Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay, has anyone else felt like this was THE longest week in history.  I've been super stressed lately and my little family has been going through a lot of changes that need decisions.  I suppose my stress and lack of sleep over it has made my days seem so long.

So, without further ado and for a celebration over it being the weekend, I found the most white, serene looking images to share with you.  I stumbled on this beautiful 1940's home shown in Country Living.  Designer, Nancy Fishelson, literally had to rebuild the home to make it livable and kept most of its' vintage style.  I love it.  If I had to pick a place to gather my thoughts at this time in my life, I'd pick this soother of place!

Images via Country Living

I hope you all have a stress-free, enjoyable weekend.  I'm definitely in need for some R and R! 



Maria said...

love all these white images and country living, what a beautiful blog you have!!!

Alicia said...

Ironically my post today was about the shortest week of a blur. Hopefully my comment is contagious & will inflict the easy blur to your life.

Aron said...

A fireplace like that one would help for some good R and R! :)

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

the house is beautiful! i would never leave that bathtub. i hope you had the relaxing weekend you needed :) here's to a great week!


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