Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $50!

My mother tends to be pretty fashionable.  I literally have borrowed her clothes from the moment I could fit in them.  Every holiday or birthday, we (her children), combine our moolah and get her a really nice piece of clothing or jewelry or gift card to an expensive store.  This year, because of budget issues, I've been looking for deals.  I found some great gift ideas all for under $50 at ModCloth.  Check out these sexies:
An-Jewel-Ic Necklace:  Indie made and $19.99
 Toccata and Fugue Earrings:  Indie made $15.99
Retro Blackboard: $7.99
Whose the Florist of Them All Clock: $37.99
Age of Athen’s Cuff: $14.99 Images via ModCloth
I lack really original ideas so please share, what are you getting your Mother?!

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