Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm on the fence.....

Parachute pants, Harem pants, loose-fit trousers, whatever you call them, I know they're coming back.  The problem is I'm not sure if I love them or hate them.  Some people look totally stylish, well put together, and actually cool, breezy and comfortable.  But, other people (Sorry Kim K.) look bigger than they really are in their butt and legs from all of that excess fabric.  So....I'm on the fence.

Alice Ritter Spring 2008
Alice + Olivia Fall 2010
Banana Republic
BCBG Max Azria
Elie Tahari
Forever 21
I will say that I like Sienna Miller's but, couldn't say if they'd look great on everyone.  
Je ne sais pas!  
What do you think? YAY or NAY?!
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Kiki said...

I say yay!!! I own a pair and they are so comfy and can be casual or dressed up, just with a change of shoes.


Anonymous said...

I really love harem pants! This trend will last forever because they are so insanely comfy. I think harem pants is still so very hot. I truly believe they are here to stay! You don’t need to follow fashion to see this trend. Specially the very voluminous with extremely low crotch (Gwen's harem pants) Now they also come in many shapes, sizes, material, and also for men. Harem pants need much volym and crotch almost to the ground to look really good. It’s not anymore kind of gross or weird if you see someone wearing them out in public. I have myself nothing against people wearing pajamas, sweatpants, harem pants or any other cozy clothing in public if they prefer. One day, maybe we can all wear what we want…I’m wearing harem pants as well and like them a lot. The pants barely touching the body, so it feel like naked in them. I adore, love to have these pants on as often as possible, because they are extremely large, baggy, dramatic with a very wide and full fit. Very roomy, loose fitting, oversized, puffy and spacious, that makes them SO supercomfy! Elastic in waist and at ankles with very wide legs makes them to a superb and super-comfy outfit! It feels SO good when the crotch is below the knee, almost down to the floor when walking. I know several men who actually find harem pants on women very sexy, women should not show to much, a good looking woman who is hiding her curves makes the men curious for more. Also, men in harem pants is absolutely a hit! It’s time for men to dare more! Harem pants are super comfy and I think deep inside men are jealous at women and actually are longing for harem pants. Similar pants have been worn by men around the world for centuries. Nothing strange with that. I wear these kinda ‘baggy’ pants frequently, similar this extreme one:

charm home said...

I say this about most every trend that cycles back around but I seriously don't think you'll ever see me wearing parachute pants. I didn't like them the first time around and I doubt I'll warm up to them the second time. I also said that about skinny jeans though and now I wear them all the time. Maybe they'll eventually grow on me. Hope you've had a lovely Saturday. xo, Cristi

Ingrid said...

Nay, unless you are super skinny as they make your butt and hips look bigger. Just sayin' :)


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