Friday, July 9, 2010

Miami Heat Is It?

I think they made a huge deal of LaBron James changing teams.  I laughed when Cleveland fans were burning his jersey, like he'd stay there forever!  He even said, "It's not like my family would burn down the Cavalier's building if they got rid of me.  It's business."  I hear you LaBron, I hear you. 
So just a funny note for the weekend, when they were announcing the team my husband yelled, "MIAMI??!!!!" In genuine surprise.  My three year old immediately said, "NO, not your Ami, MY AMI!!!"  Then she got angry at all of our laughter and stomped out of the room.  Kids make so many situations hilarious, don't they?   
Hug your child and enjoy your weekend everyone!


Kiki said...

This is too cute--- have a great weekend and have lots of fun...


Molly @ The Creative Maven said...

Seriously! People were so shocked that he was being "selfish" by switching teams... the guy asked for an ESPN one-hour special... he's not KNOWN for being humble :).

Thanks for commenting on the ballerina slippers!

JuliaFuentes said...

how cutee

Ingrid said...



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