Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random pics for the pre-vacation

My family vacation is coming up and I'm a wreck trying to organize and pack everything.  Being one child out of seven means that there are a ton of people because almost all of my siblings have spouses and children.  Each little family is assigned a meal.  I decided to make shredded BBQ chicken sliders with salad and either french fries or chips. 
Image via laaloosh
As ambitious as I am, I already made the chicken and have it waiting in the freezer.  What I haven't made is a dessert and I discovered a list of things that I'm needing to get other than food.  We are a hiking, rafting, outdoors-ey kind of family and most everything I need has to do with that!  For example:

Little Girl Tennis Shoes

Stride Rite Tennis Shoe via Zappos

Hiking Child Carrier
Kelty backpack via REI

My Traveling Attire
 Images via Forever 21
That's just the basics.  I'm still working on a dessert.  Maybe I'll make kiss cookies! 
 Image and Recipe via Grandma's Desserts Blog

YUM!  But, I really am excited to be with my family.  Regardless of all the stressful details and having a boat-load to do,  

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Leah said...

That is the coolest hiking child carrier ever! Love!


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