Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Local finds....

I love when I find a gem of talent locally.  Paula Berg and Associates are a design team based in Park City, UT.  I love Park City and go to a family condo there frequently.  This team is awesome.  Because I've been on a mountainous vacation recently, I really appreciate their rustic approach to their mountain theme.
I love the rock fireplace with the cozy, overstuffed chairs basking in its' glow.  Nothing is more authentic than an antler chandelier!
The rustic, wood beams in this great room are so inspirational.  I just want to lay on the floor and look up!
This bathroom caught my eye because it's not as rustic as the other rooms.  It seems like they added just a touch more elegance and more feminine touches to this room.
This bedroom with a million beds in it is exactly the kind of room we stayed in on our vacation.  My siblings got their own rooms but, my hubs and I shared a room with all of the grandkids and it was awesome!  The only difference with the rooms we shared and this one is that ours had queen sized bunkbeds!
I've always had a thing for two-toned cabinets in a kitchen and I absolutely love this green/gray color.
Lastly, the table.  Look at this thing.  It's huge, square, totally stylin and I want it!
Maybe the rustic, cabiney style is nostalgic of my vacation but, I totally enjoyed Paula Berg!


The Zhush said...

These are amazing...love those bunk beds!

Katrina said...

I love your blog! So fun.

Thanks for stopping by mine.

annechovie said...

What a cozy place! Thanks for your sweet comment and have a terrific week.

Renae said...

I'm with you....love those log beams!
Your family is just precious.....enjoy those little ones, they get big fast!


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