Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Race Pics!

So this race I ran last Saturday is known as the "Dirty Dash."  It's a 10k obstacle course in the mountains.  We had hay bales to hurdles, walls to climb, muddy hills to climb, tires to ladder, a swamp to run, a slip n slide, and we ended it all with an army crawl through a mud pit. 
 Can you say filthy?  They have ice cold outdoor showers for everyone to clean off, clothes and all, because we are so dang dirty!  Our team was "Good Girls Gone Dirty." The back of our shirts spelled out Dirty.  I was the "r" and only brunette.  Clearly I didn't get the highlighting memo!f
I'm pretty sure they have these races all over the country.  Look them up if they're available because it is so fun.  We laughed literally the whole run! 

Orbit commercial anyone?


blue moss said...

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. My friends did the one here called the mud run. It certainly makes for good pictures.... :)
All the best

Design Blooms said...

Perfect orbit advertisement! Love your blog.

Michelle said...

AHA, fun! I did that in college, it was crazy good times.

Flourishing Networks said...

Looks like great fun the Kimberley we had mud footy - great fun as its hard to run in the mud.


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