Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vivid Images, Punches of Color, and Unique Art Pieces Equals

Designer Courtney Giles.  Atlanta Homes Magazine featured her town home in one of their issues and I loved the brightness in every room but, she also had colorful paintings and unique art pieces placed ingeniously throughout!  For example:

Round stones under a transparent coffee table.
The black walls and art detail on the valance add color, life, and fun to the room! Oh, and look, it's still bright!
The painting above the sofa is so vibrant.  My eyes were immediately drawn to it's magnificence.  The pops of orange, red, and yellow are perfect against the neutral couch and walls.
The dining room is so bright with all of that natural light.  The painting adds a little touch of color to the room, but I would have loved to see a little more color and texture.  This was the only room I was somewhat disappointed over, but it still looks great!
 Courtney has a lot of other fabulous rooms on her own interior design site!  Check them out here!

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