Friday, November 5, 2010

My Finished Bathroom!

Finally, I was able to finish decorating the basement bathroom before the holidays hit.  This was the before:  I didn't even have cabinets or a counter yet, or paint for that matter!

I chose a camel/tan color for the bathroom.  I believe it's called buff or something like that.
 and the final.....

 This picture's frame was a really dark brown.
I painted it off-white after lightly sanding it down.  After it was painted, I sanded it again to antique it a bit. 
Here it is after again:

 In the end, I was pretty pleased with the outcome.  We saved money by doing the tiling and painting ourselves.  We chose a ceramic tile with glass tiled accents.  This way we could afford granite counter tops.  My husband did the floor in a diamond pattern that I just love.  Most of our accessories were from secondhand stores, on clearance, or something we already had.  Yeah for being thrifty!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend.  I know I will!


annechovie said...

Nice job, Lila! Love your towels and the frame came out great.

Reeni said...

It's gorgeous!


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