Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decisions, decisions........

You know how there's an idea in your head over a space in your home and your only problem is that you're too afraid to do it?  That's me.  You see when we built our home, I chose basically the standard options because it was the most affordable.  The problem now is, I hate the colors or style in some of the rooms.  My kitchen has dark wood, dark counter tops, and dark tile.  I really would like to paint the cabinets two tones to brighten  it up with a lighter back splash.  Issue number 1: Do I really want to paint over the cabinets that I actually upgraded?  2: How are painted cabinets for resale value? and 3: What are good colors with a dark silestone counter and dark tile?
  I seriously need some advice.  Please help. 
Here are some of my inspirational photos:

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My last thought would be what's a color that's going to be around for a while too? 
White or cream?  Grey? Blue? 
Hmmm.....I'll just wait for some comments.


pretty pink tulips said...

Having moved a lot and sold lots of homes...I'm a big believer in creating beautiful spaces where the major components are neutral, if you want to appeal to a broad audience.

That said....you have to iive with it, so paint some samples and hold them up to your cabinets during the day and the night....and go with your heart!!!

Good luck!
xo elizabeth

Heidi said...

I am always cream with white trim. It is like a canvas, you can always change the other stuff. Heidi


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