Monday, April 25, 2011

My Attempts at Easter....

Every year we have a fabulous Easter egg hunt at my parent's home.  Every family is in charge of bringing a basket full of a special treat for each person.  We then hide the baskets in addition to eggs and everyone gets a ton of stuff!  For example:  My sister-in-law brought a basket full of  Pringle cans.  My other sister brought containers of cookies for each person to have.  I had a great idea,  why doesn't everyone grab a cupcake from mine?!!! 
So these were my inspirations:
Image via  Ezra Pound Cake

Yes, I can do the nests.....
Image via Flickr
and I can totally make delicious cupcakes! 
So here was my attempt.  The nests I made by mixing melted milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips with Asian noodles.
After dolloping a good nest size on a greased baking sheet, I put on the eggs immediately.
  The cupcakes were super simple.  I used a yellow cake mix with added vanilla extract.
The butter cream was what made them so special.  It was fluffy, delicious, and oh-so-bad for me! I even made mini cupcakes for the kids or for individuals who just wanted a small bite.
Problem one arose when we had so many treats, desserts, and candy, that almost everyone took their cupcakes home.  Problem two was that I ate all the left over nests MYSELF!!!  Diet starts Monday?  
My second Easter attempt was bunny rolls.  
I saw these cute images:
I thought the second image was something I could totally do.  
These were my bunny rolls.  
Not exactly the same....
some definitely lost their ears in the baking process. 
 What can I say?  I attempted to be festive but, not everything worked out.
That's okay, I guess. 

At least my kids enjoyed their cupcakes and rolls without judgement!


Kathysue said...

Kudos to YOU, I think it is wonderful that you did these special details for your family, Happy Belated Easter, Kathysue

Alkemie said...

I am not a good baker - those cupcakes look incredible!!

Karen O.

mandyface said...

You did better than I could do! And I bet they tasted great! :)


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