Monday, April 18, 2011

My Finished Bathroom!

Finally, I finished the bathroom since my daughter ripped the towel rack out of the wall!
  First I used a mesh patch and covered it in a joint compound. 
After it dried, I sanded it and reapplied to even out the meshy-er areas. 
After sanding it again and wiping off the dust it was time for paint! 
I can't even tell you what color it is.  I want to say that this beautiful grey-blue color is a Martha Stewart brand and I think it was called "Dolphin."  Don't quote me on that though. 
Here's a Before Shot
 I love this new rug!
 Before (Terrible lighting, I know)
With the lights on!
One more last shot.
Why is it that a simple project like patching a hole in the wall takes me two weeks to finish? 


annechovie said...

Nice work, Lila! I am impressed. Have a great week!

pretty pink tulips said...

Honestly, I'm so impressed you did it yourself! It looks fantastic!!

Ann said...

Looks as good as nothing ever happened to it. I could only wish I know how to do such things in our house ♥

I can't believe I'm following your blog just now, I always thought I was already a follower.


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