Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Oh the brings me such joy. I love weekends for a couple of reasons: 1) I get to eat a sweet. After following a pretty strict diet all week, Friday comes and I literally leap out of bed with excitement that I can have a treat. 2) Sunday I get a break from the gym! I'll admit it, I'm a gym rat purely for vanity's sake. But, when Sunday hits and I can just it. So.... I made some banana chocolate chip cookies with toffee bits! I love these cookies because I don't add butter due to the fact that bananas are pretty fatty on their own. This doesn't mean that you should consume 7, that's right, 7 cookies. Sigh. No self control. My sister and her husband came over and we had some delicious Pizza Factory bread sticks. If you are near a Pizza Factory and haven't had one, take advantage, I urge you! They are huge, fluffy, delicious, and sinfully good. My sister made a delicious salad with mixed greens, goat cheese, and sugared nuts. I made grilled chicken (which I have every single darn night.) with dried onions and Laury's seasoning. So after everyone left and we had such great food (I was actually good dinner-wise, dessert was clearly another matter) the hubs and I got to talking. "I can't believe how many cookies the four of us ate!" He says to me. "Me neither!" I respond disgustedly. So......this morning we wake up and I hurry and drink my protein shake and get both kids fed and ready for the gym. This is where I realize the difference in priorities and thought processes between the hubs and myself. I'm thinking, "Wow, I've got to get to the gym because of all those cookies I ate." I realize my hubs is not ready and he says, "I ate too many cookies last night and they've just weighed me down! I'm going to take a break from the gym today because I'm just so tired!" "What?" I asked as I'm thinking, "Is he really serious? Taking a break?" Oh well, I hope he enjoyed HIS break. After my two hours of working my guts out, I head home and remember that we have a family dinner tonight. The hubs' mom is coming from England and I've got a dessert assignment. Dang it! Why?!!!! Why did I eat so many damn cookies when I had promised to make heath bar blondies! Serenity now!!!! .....sigh...I'm over it. Lesson learned: Do NOT gorge on desserts before thinking through your other delicious options over the weekend. I hope you all have a more promising weekend than me!
Images via The Delicious Life, One Family. One Food, Bunrab Blog Spot, Kara's Kitchen Creations, The Food Network, and Glamour.

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Sara Christine said...

Banana chocolate chip cookies with toffee bits?? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.


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