Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why me.....

As I was working on the computer the other day while I was still in my workout clothes, I happened to look out the window and cringe at the horror I saw. I'm generally pretty good if not great in taking care of my yard. (No these pics are not my yard) However, last fall I made some serious errors. I had a baby and between working out, taking care of the baby and the other child, and frequent nursing sessions, I didn't care one iota about the yard. (yes, this is actually my son) So, no, I did not trim my mums after they were dead or any other plant for that matter. As a result, my flower beds have become a mass of complicated weeds and dead flowers. Well, I was still sweaty and gross from my workout, so out I went on a mission to cleanse my lawn of any dead and unappealing object. A couple hours and curse words later, my lawn was back to manicured perfection. The irony of it all is that while I was making my glorious flower beds transform beautifully in order to display my spring tulips, my hands were becoming rapidly uglier by the minute. My husband came out to help me shortly after I had begun and that night we both complained of serious hand achage! I still have cuts and scabs that need some serious Neosporin. Hydrogen Peroxide has been my best friend. I truly wish that my lawn looked like some of these beauties I found. I really should have taken a before and after..... Well, there's more time for that. At least now I can focus on my little DIY finds instead of looking out the window with a dirtied conscience!Images via Front Yard Landscape Design, Allie Creech, and Stacy1313.

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Henricks tankegångar said...

What a beutyfuk son! you have, and just a fantastic blog. take care / henrick from Sweden


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