Monday, January 17, 2011

A Great End Table

I've been looking for a round, pedestal, side table for the family room.  The problem has been that I just can't find one that suits me.  The last  couple of Christmas's my parents have gotten us a piece of furniture.  I told my mom that I was looking for a side table kind of like this:

Never doubt a stylish mother.  She got me an even better table from the same place!  It's white, round, has decorative decals and is a pedestal table!  I'm in love!
 Notice the pillow and the iphone on the floor?  My hubs was lounging in his underwear and I made him move for the picture.  He was definitely annoyed at his comfort being disturbed! At least the blinds were closed!

As you can see, I took too long and they had to sit down to lounge again.  Will I ever learn?  

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