Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So many patio furnitures to choose from....

I AM NOT bragging....but, we have a fabulous backyard.  It's a split level yard with a rock wall separating the upper and lower levels.  The rock wall has four flowering trees evenly dispersed surrounded by roses bushes, poppies, geraniums, desert flowers, you name it!  Did I mention that I spend hours mowing, raking, weeding, sweating...well, you get the idea. Problem Uno: we lack sufficient patio furniture.  I've been looking for quite some time (We even expanded our concrete pad and I still don't have any chairs!) and can't quite narrow it down!  There are so many beautiful options.

Wrought Iron





High Table

Low Table
A lot of choices isn't it?  I'm thinking I'd love the padded furniture the most, but knowing myself and my children, it would be destroyed the fastest.  So, I think my pick would be an Aluminum or Wrought Iron set. Like this:
Obviously a big enough table for guests is important.  Also, a canopy would be amazing to shade us from the hot sun, here in the desert.

And for the S'mores lovers in my family and friends, a firepit would definitely be a bonus!
So, what do you think of my choices?  Practical?  Stylish?  Both?  Neither?
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Kiki said...

Lila, funny you made this post because my first thought was, wow she really loves the outdoors...You always have great outdoor inspiration photos. But I get it know, when you have a great outdoor living space it can be so breath-taking to get it done...


Greet said...

Hi Lila,
First of all I want to thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment!
Your post of today is very beautiful! I am always looking for beautiful outdoor furniture! Sometimes hard to find the beautiful pieces! You showed many beautiful pieces here!
I love to have a space in the garden with some contemporary furniture and another space with the more classic pieces as you all showed here!
Have a nice rest of the week Lila!

Anna Patricia said...

Hahaha, if I had your backyard I would proudly announce it to the world too! I love gardening and it makes the home even more special. Keep up the great work!



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