Monday, June 14, 2010

Swimsuit Trama

Every year I go through the "I can never find the right suit" phase.  Even though my baby is almost a year, and even though I have lost the baby weight and then some, I find that I'm so much more comfortable in a tankini versus a bikini!  I love them!  Problem number 1 arises when I can't find time to go shopping.  Problem number two would definitely have to be budget issues.  I mean, who the hello wants to pay $120 for a smokin hot tankini top excluding the bottoms!  It's insane!  Believe it or not, Victoria's Secret had awesomely affordable prices in their clearance and sale items.  I bought this:
in green mind you, and this:
in a delicious plum color.  You know when you haven't tried something on and you order online, you're in constant buyer's remorse!  Is it going to fit?  What if my boobs are too big?...Or worse, too small?!!  What if it's too short?  Yada, yada, yada! Anywho, I'm awaiting their arrival and I'll let you know if those darn sizing charts are truly  honest representations of their products!

If budget wasn't an option, these would be my wishes:
This is actually my pick!
Next year, I'm going to remember to put aside my swimsuit money to avoid this annual self-hatred and loathing!  What kind of swimsuit do you get and where?  I'm seriously curious!


Leah said...

Love these! Gosh after baby I only want to wear one pieces!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Great pics Lila - the hot pink number would look great on just about anyone. Lovely shade! Hope you and having a great start to your new week? ~ deb ( :

Lila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Design Esquire said...

I love the ones you chose! I hope they fit. (P.S. Your comment on my blog this morning made me laugh out loud! Thank you!!)

Ingrid said...

Grrr, I live in FL and should have a drawer full but alas blogging has made my butt grow. lol

Love you choices.


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