Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Do Your Best

By Grace Pullen via

I was thinking a week or so ago about the last time I've done certain things in my life. For example:
When was the last time I took a relaxing bath?

When was the last time I had a manicure?

When was the last time my husband and I actually went on a date without rushing for the sake of our children and babysitter?

When was the last time I have gone a day without losing patience with my children?

When was the last time I unplugged the computer for a day?

When was the last time I slept thr0ugh a night without stress or insomnia?

When was the last time I haven't felt stressed at all?

When was the last time I went an entire day without being disappointed in myself over something?

When was the last time I spent an hour with my children uninterrupted? (Yesterday, thankfully)

When was the last time I made a romantic evening for the hubs and myself?

You get the idea. Some of these I could answer as yesterday, last week, last month, etc. But, a lot of these thoughts concluded with the incriminating answer of, "I don't know." As I thought of these guilty shortcomings of mine, a friend gave me the thought of just doing my best. Adrian Gostick of the LDS Church said it perfectly for a guilt/ambitious-driven woman, meaning me, "...You strive for excellence, but eventually you realize you can’t be perfect in everything you do, everything you try. You just have to do your best and accept that in others." Amen to that, honey! Sometimes, I just need to chill out and remember that I'm only one person and will never be perfect! In the words of Jennifer Ramos of Made by Girl:
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Have you ever had a moment when you thought, "When was the last time..."? Hopefully you won't be too hard on yourself! Happy Easter!

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Kellie Collis said...

Having a bath is a very good idea! xx


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