Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Weekend and Easter!

I'm thrilled that the weekend is finally here. I'm not going to lie, with having a seriously attitude driven 3 year old and a needy eight month old, I feel less inclined to celebrate a happy Easter Sunday! My husband travels and I'm often a single parent. As I was talking to my husband last night on the phone, I said to him that motherhood was the most unappreciated, crapped on job on the planet. He surprised me by agreeing. He said, "It's true that you do everything and she (our daughter) doesn't have a clue. But, somebody has to do it and God gave you that job of being their mother." So I've put a happy face back on and I'm determined to have a wonderful weekend full of family and fun! I have some wonderful cakes and goodies that I'm making this weekend and will love to share them! Enjoy these sunny pics from Smashing Magazine.



Ellen Kooi

Kevin Pieper


1 comment:

Charlotta Ward said...

Lovely images.
A bit late now.. but hope you had a nice Easter as well.

x Charlotta


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