Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Modern Flair....

I'm not going to lie, I love interior design, but modern style tends to be my least favorite. Although, I look at a well designed modern room, I do appreciate it. I might even love the look, but I would only use certain pieces in my home. I thought these were all fabulous rooms from Fresh Home and Modern Ideas Blog. The colors are so bright in some rooms and so clean white in others. I love the orange, truthfully. It's so fun!These next five rooms have the coolest panels. Some are on cabinets and refrigerators, but the bedroom uses it as a headboard piece. So cool, right?

I love it when design surprises and excites me. There's nothing better than an inspirational photo, no?!


Raru said...

Absolutely right :)
So... thanks for the inspiration.
Wish you great week.


cabin + cub said...

great inspiration photos! we'er in the middle of re-doing our home office and setting up a nursery, so have been trying to get a lot of design ideas. ;)


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